#20 - Listen04's "Child's Play"

I first saw Listen04's art while I was up in Portland visiting Tripper Dungan and Bwana Spoons before their show at the gallery and I ended up buying a drawing. 

Then I reached out to Listen04 via Instagram about possibly doing a show at my gallery in LA and he agreed. So, he sent over boxes of works from the UK and I was stoked. There were four different bodies of work for the show: large drawings of Disney characters committing suicide, small drawings on paper, toys that he transformed into the 'black mirror' versions of themselves, and finally an army of boner soldiers.

He's the only artist I had a solo show for that I never actually met in person. Or, I may have met him in person, but I didn't know it. After all, Listen04 is pretty mysterious - even to me.



Photos from the Exhibit

See photos of the opening reception on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/danielrolnik/sets/72157676038411036


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