I did all of the PR for Daniel Rolnik Gallery by myself and I think I was pretty good at it. There are even more articles and posts than I've been able to put below, some have been taken down, others were just hard for me to find. But I think I've got a pretty good list here to work with. If you wrote a piece that you can't find below, please contact me with a link.

"Off The Grid Art Venues" - Artillery Mag (Sept. 2016)

"JT Steiny wasn't a political artist - then Donald Trump ran for President" - LA Weekly (Aug. 2016)

"JT Steiny's Caustic Caricatures" - PRINT Mag (Aug. 2016)

"Interview with JT Steiny" - LA Taco (Aug. 2016)

"Weekend Planner" - LAist (Aug. 2016)

"Tripper Dungan's 'Strangecation' at Daniel Rolnik Gallery" - Supersonic Art (July 2016)

"Tripper Dungan's 'Strangecation'" - Daily Concepts (July 2016)

"Daniel Rolnik Gallery prsents: "Strangecation" from Tripper Dungan" - Spanky Stoked (July 2016)

"Weekend Planner" - LAist (July 2016)

"ArtRX LA" - HyperAllergic (June 2016)

"Weekend Planner" - LAist (June 2016)

"Jeremy Deglopper." - Vert Is Dead (June 2016)

"PLAN: ForYourArt" - ForYourArt (June 2016)

"Kilduff's Cavern at Daniel Rolnik Gallery" - Artillery Mag (May 2016) 

"Epic Carnival" - Tenacious Ninja (May 2016)

"The best of what to do in and around Los Angeles this week" - AFAR Magazine (May 2016)

"RECAP: Opening Night of Kilduff's Cavern" - LA Taco (May 2016)

"Datebook" - Los Angeles Times (May 2016)

"Weekend Planner" - LAist (May 2016)

"This Week's Must-See Events" - Curate.LA (May 2016)

"Inside Daniel Rolnik's Friendly and Affordable Art Gallery" - KCET ArtBound (March. 2016)

"LA Art Show '16: Recap" - Arrested Motion (Feb. 2016)

"This year's LA Art Show passes 'Marilyn' test, critic says" - Off-Ramp (Jan. 2016)

"Artist John Kilduff will paint you a cake at his new LA Art Show 'Bakery'" - Los Angeles Magazine (Jan. 2016)

"Food Party at the LA Art Show" - Juxtapoz Magazine (Jan. 2016)

"The 2016 LA Art Show - So Much Art!" - Blogtown by CJ Gronner (Jan. 2016)

"Daniel Rolnik Gallery @ LA art Show 2016" - Beautiful.Bizarre (Jan. 2016)

"Best Exhibits at the LA Art Show" - CBS Los Angeles (Jan. 2016)

"Prints on Wood x LA Art Show 2016" - Prints on Wood (Jan. 2016)

"5 Booths to Check Out at This Year's LA Art Show" - LA Canvas (Jan. 2016)

"Always Lurking Portrays Post-War Americana in Collages and Paintings" - The Creators Project (Jan. 2016) 

"Miami Beach may have Art Basel, but L.A. has 'Art Basil' -- and it's the pesto thing ever." - Los Angeles Times (Dec. 2015)

"Join us at the opening reception of "Always Lurking"" - Zeus Beard Blog (Dec. 2015)

"A Recap of Trace Mendoza's 'Always Lurking'" - Zeus Beard Blog (Dec. 2015)

"Best of the web" - Zeus Beard Blog (Dec. 2015)

"OC Artist Trace Mendoza is 'Always Lurking'" - OC Art Blog (Dec. 2015)

"Trace Mendoza's 'Always Lurking' at Daniel Rolnik Gallery" - Cartwheel (Dec. 2015)

"9 Questions with Trace Mendoza" - Endpaper, The Paperblanks Blog (Dec. 2015)

"Weekend Planner" - LAist (Dec. 2015)

"Turtles, pigs, and more turtles" - The Signal Tribune (Nov. 2015)

"ArtRX LA" - HyperAllergic (Nov. 2015)

"Mike Giant - My Favorite Taco" - LA Taco (Nov. 2015)

"Live Free - The Art show" - 411Posters (Nov. 2015)

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"Day Trip to Los Angeles for Jewish Art" - San Diego Jewish Journal (Nov. 2015)

"Weekend Planner" - LAist (Nov 2015)

"For The Past 5 Years" - VANS (Oct. 2015)

"Interview with Turtle Wayne" - LA Taco (Oct. 2015)

"Turtle Wayne at Daniel Rolnik Gallery" - Supersonic Art (Oct. 2015)

"Turtle Wayne and Catherine Kaleel at Daniel Rolnik Gallery" - Diversions LA (Oct. 2015)

"Live Free Podcast Group Show at the Daniel Rolnik Gallery" - Tenacious Ninja (Oct. 2015)

"The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum & the art of Big Tasty" - DWARF & giant (Oct. 2015)

"Don't Miss the Art..." - Daily Scribbler (Oct. 2015)

"Donald Trump by John Kilduff" - Artists for Bernie (Sept. 2015)

"This Week's Must-See Art Events" - Curate.LA (Sept. 2015)

"Look at this cool original" - Big Bear Lake (August 2015)

"Best Small Business Books" (#15) - Fit Small Business (Aug. 2015)

"Beard in art: an interview with Tripper Dungan" - Can You Handlebar (July 2015)

"Pacific and Northwest..." - Art Nerd Los Angeles (July 2015)

"Happy Cactus in Santa Monica" - Cactus Jungle (July 2015)

"The Daniel Rolnik Gallery presents Tripper Dungan and Bwana Spoons this Saturday" - Zeus Beard Blog (July 2015)

"Fake History: Porous Walker" - Monster Children (June 2015)

"Opening: The Fake History of the World" - Juxtapoz Magazine (June 2015)

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"Artsy Mother's Day Gift Alert" - The Family Savvy (May 2015)

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"Mr. Let's Paint Is the Most Inspirational Outsider Art Maniac You've Never Heard Of" - VICE Magazine (Apr. 2015)

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"New painting recalls Gram Parsons’ final visit" - Hi Desert Star (Feb. 2015)

"Santa Monica Art Galleries: hidden gems in Los Angeles’ beach city" - The Corsair (Feb. 2015)

"Malibu Artists Hosts Art Show" - The Malibu Times (Jan. 2015)

"The KROSSD Awards" - KROSSD Art (Dec. 2014)

"The Owl and the Bicycle" - Lovely Bike (Dec. 2014)

"Bwana Spoons & Steve Ferrera now at DRG" - ToysRevil (Nov. 2014)

""Let's Paint TV" artist paints former Milwaukee Brewers player Robin Yount" - TAP Milwaukee (Nov. 2014)

"23 of Our Favorite Events" - LAist (Oct. 2014)

"Biz Buzz: a monthly dispatch of interesting business news" - The Argonaut (Sept. 2014) 

"Daniel Rolnik Gallery brings Positive Vibes, Wizards to Santa Monica" - Glasstire (Sept. 2014)