#14 - Kilduff's Bathroom Supply

This was our one year anniversary show and we went all out, including having MQ Schmidt sitting on a toilet naked as Ben Franklin. He handed out printed out versions of the almanac that he made and I remember people just being in awe of his presence. John did a painting of him in the gallery and we hung it up on the wall.

One of the coolest things that happened during the show was that a urinal cake manufacturer told us the show was so inspiring that he sent us a custom urinal cake with one of John's paintings printed on it. I hung it up on the wall.

I also remember a guy and his girlfriend stumbling in at around midnight one night after the opening and buying a painting featuring every single US President sitting on the crapper. It was glorious.


John Kilduff with a special performance by Michael Q. Schmidt on opening night.

Photos & Videos of the Exhibit

The one-year anniversary of The Daniel Rolnik Gallery was crowned by the September 19 2015 opening of the one-month installation "Kilduff's Bathroom Supply Art Show at Daniel Rolnik Gallery with John Kilduff (Mr. Let's Paint) creates art for your bathroom" John Kilduff does a live painting of Michael Q.


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