#15 - Turtle Wayne, Turtle Wayne

Turtle Wayne came down from SF to be at the opening of his show. It was really epic - we went on adventures and came across turtle beer which we took as a sign and bought for the opening. ]

The funniest thing that happened during the show was that a man gave us a huge bag of candy edibles (marijuana candies) for free at the end of the night - oh and then there was also, Tyrone - that dude was hilarious.

The only drama that happened was on the way down to the show, Turtle Wayne got stuck at the grapevine and had to stay overnight there until it opened the next morning.

Here was the official statement for the show:

Like most people, I found Turtle Wayne’s art through Instagram and now it makes me happy to see it in my feed everyday. He uses his signature turtle character to tell stories from life, like the nostalgia of pink bubble tape dispensers to the reality of sitting alone with your iPhone waiting for someone you love to text you back. In fact, every human emotion is reflected in his drawings, which will make you obsessed with the world around you.

I drove up to Northern California to curate his art for the show. At his studio, I had the rare opportunity to see the original drawings, which he had neatly organized in hockey puck containers. There were thousands of choices and I narrowed it down to 7 originals as well as a selection of 250 different drawings that we published as prints for this show. Sticker sheets, shirts, paintings and books will also be available at the opening reception. Which, is by the way, the only night to get anything signed.

While in Northern California, Turtle Wayne and I also developed an act involving art and comedy. Attendees of the opening reception will get to experience this performance before we take it on tour early next year.
— Daniel Rolnik


Turtle Wayne

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