#16 - Live Free Podcast

I was listening to Mike Maxwell's "Live Free" podcast where he interviews different artists a lot and we would email/Facebook message each other because I ask him if he wanted interview the different artists in our shows. I was always waiting for the message where he would suggest curating an exhibit for my gallery, since he had done a couple before for others, and then, one day, the message arrived.

Mike Maxwell drove up from San Diego the day of the show. I remember we also ate ramen on Sawtelle Blvd that morning and checked out the show at Giant Robot Gallery. It was pretty cool.

Here was the official statement for the show:

For the past 5 years, Mike Maxwell has hosted a podcast named "Live Free" where he interviews contemporary artists. On November 7th, the broadcast will come to life with a showing of original artworks by over 50 creative masterminds from across the world. Most of the artists will be in attendance for the opening reception and because of our friendly atmosphere at Daniel Rolnik Gallery, you will be able to meet them, collect their work, and have a great time!


Anthony Lister, Ben Horton, Ben Venom, Defer, Don Pendleton, Erin M. Riley, Gabe Leonard, John Casey, Judith Supine, Lucien Shapiro, Mike Egan, Mike Giant, Mike Maxwell, Porous Walker, Rich Jacobs, Ryan De La Hoz, Steve Caballero, Travis Louie, Christian Rex Van Minnen, Adam Cardwell, Adam Feilbelman,  Beau Roulette, Brian Barnacle, Bwana Spoons, Celeste Byers, Chris Haueter, Chris Rini, Daniel Gibson, Dave MacDowell, Jaclyn Rose, Jason Jagel, John Casey, Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez,  Kevin Christy, Christopher Konecki, Kyle Ranson, Lauren Napolitano,  Marcelo Macedo, Martin Machado, Paul Urich, Ray Taylor, Ricky Watts, Tim McCormick, and Max Kaufman

Photos of the Exhibit

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