#13 - Girl Scouts & Adventure Guides

The original name for this show was girl scouts and indian guides, but one of the artists let me know that indian guides is no longer the term used and that it had changed to adventure guides and so we changed the name. 

This was a show that was put together in only two weeks (because the show we originally had booked flaked out on me) and it became one of the most fun and successful exhibit at the gallery. It didn't get a lot of press, but a ton of people showed up and a lot of work sold. It was also one of the first shows where I started exhibiting works by Southern artists, who did really really well in Los Angeles.

The performance artists, Micol Hebron showed up at the opening reception and gave everyone nipple stickers, which we put over our shirts and had a lot of fun with.

Here was the official statement about the show:

We hope you’re having a great summer! Since the world is in chaos, we wanted to throw a big fun group show at the gallery with beer, music, art, and smiles!

”Girl Scouts & Adventure Guides” represents a multitude of new Americana, featuring artists from various states and adventures relating to the topics of wilderness, childhood, campfires, and all around fun!

It makes me all teary eyed remembering the days before the world made sense. So, I hope we have the time of our lives, get some merit badges, and eat some graham crackers this Saturday night at the gallery.
— Daniel Rolnik

Photos from this Exhibit


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