#12 - Pacific & Northwest

I was really stoked about this show and both Bwana and Tripper came down from Portland to be at the opening reception. Bwana was staying at my house and Tripper was staying at an air bnb down the street from the gallery.

A few weeks before the show opened, I drove up to Portland to meet see their studios and I got inspired by all the colors of the city. When I got back to the gallery, I bought a bunch of paint that reminded me of Portland and covered the walls in it. One wall for green, another pink, another blue, and it really made the space come to life. Also, instead of having vinyl printed for the title of the show, Bwana and Tripper painted the name of the exhibit on the wall along with a couple of their characters.

I remember the morning of the show it was raining a little bit and Bwana decided to go skateboarding around Santa Monica - when he got back he told me about how he ate pavement while trying to skate in the ramps and then pulled out the tiniest shirt that unfolded into a regular sized one. It was epic!

The founders of Hi Fructose mag showed up randomly because there was a toy exhibit going on at the Lancaster Museum of Art that they were in as well as Bwana. After the show, Bwana and I got burgers at Swingers in Santa Monica. 

My friends at TeeMakr also made special T-Shirts for the opening reception.

Photos from the Exhibit

View photos on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/danielrolnik/albums/72157656042213636