#11 - The Fake History of The World

Porous Walker and Ferris Plock wanted to curate a show for the gallery and I was thrilled! 

Their original idea was to call the show "the Santa Monica Museum of Art" and have all this fake merchandise for it. But I thought it could get confusing because the santa monica museum of art was actually a real place and I didn't want people to accidentally show up there. So, we came up with the fake history of the world as the name.

Porous Walker and Dave Hopp host a cornhole tournament every year, so I thought it would be fun to have one going on during the opening reception. So, my friend Emi brought his board so people could play.

This show was notorious for the Twitter war it launched with celebrated New York art critic Jerry Saltz. I tweeted Jerry a video of Porous' installation - which was an automatic towel dispenser from a bathroom, which he had draw dick doodles on the entire roll of. Jerry tweeted back saying it was stupid and then a bunch of our fans started trolling him, which caused him to block all of us. The war even launched this fun blog: Stupid Art Magazine.

Throughout the night, Porous would put stickers on my window that looked like they were from the official city of Santa Monica - except they said things like "Best Cocaine Dealership" and "Best After-hours Sex Club" as well as one on the toilet that said "Porous Walker's D.I.Y Art Gallery". And I'm pretty sure he had a friend put one up a few days after the show that said "Best Penis in Santa Monica" hahaahahaha! It was the funniest shit ever! Oh yeah, I nearly forgot about his cocaine brick installation that included a plastic knife, which you can see in the photos below.

PS: Ferris, I'm sorry I gave your son a monster energy drink.


Porous Walker, Ferris Plock, Don Pendleton, Jon Stich, Michael C. Hsiung, Donny Miller, Aaron Hodges, Dave Hopp, Gavin Heslet, Lorraine Dowty, Jerry Saltz, and Big Tasty.

Photos of the Exhibit