Jon Bernad

I wanted to host a performance art event of some kind while I had the gallery and so I contacted Jon Bernad, who had a marvelous idea.

He would come to the gallery and would leave with a stranger to go on a 5 day road trip to Texas with. To kick off the event, he invited a hypnotist, Aura Walker, and traveller, Skye, with him to the gallery. Lo and behold, the whole stunt worked, and he ended up leaving the next morning with one of the guests on a road trip to the Lone Star State.

When Jon showed up to the gallery earlier in the afternoon, he was with his current traveller, Skye, who had a giant wooden staff that she was walking around with. She had flown in from South Africa to go on an art adventure with Jon - and I believe this section was towards the end of their journey together.


Jon Bernad


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