The Maybelles of Mayberry

The Maybelles of Mayberry



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Bones, blood, and brutal family values unfold in this hilarious, gory, and enticing novella by Daniel Rolnik.

Henny Maybelle and her husband live on a 10-acre homestead in the country town of Mayberry. She likes driving her old pick-up truck with the windows rolled down to Church on Sundays and picking up her nephew along the way. But all that's about to change when she discovers that her only daughter, who lives a few hours away, has been viciously murdered by a serial killer that guts his victims' bodies and steals their bones. The crime blogger B.T. Typingthings has been covering the killer's murder spree online. But his world will be flipped upside down when a bird flies into his mouth and delivers a message sent to him from the high council of death. Yes, strange things are happening in Mayberry and it's neighboring towns. People are drinking blood, secret societies are forming, and animals are talking. Oh, and Henny Maybelle has a secret that just may save the world. There's a lot going on in this exciting little book and you'll be turning its pages in an excited dash to get to the finish line.  

"I've read it three times and burned all of my other books because it's the best." - Obama

"There's no better mother than Henny Maybelle. Trust me, I've played a lot of mothers." - Meryl Streep 

"A certain director named Steven something-or-other tried to buy the film rights to The Maybelles of Mayberry, but I beat him to it." - Peter Jackson, dir.

129 Pages

5.5" x 8.5"