#22 - Keith Dugas' "KROSSD KOVERS"

I wanted to do something extra super special for Keith Dugas' exhibit "KROSSD KOVERS" because he had helped so much with the gallery. So, I decided we should have a whole concert outside with different local rock bands. Then, I got inspired by that idea and thought hey, we should also have a bunch of vendors out there and make our own festival - but since I hate the word festival, I changed it to carnival!

So, we had Keith Dugas' exhibit and the Epic Carnival at the same time, which meant the opening reception for Keith's show would last all day. Only, it was cut short by my aggressive landlord.

We posted that the show had been shut down, but we did keep the gallery open the rest of the night for people that were still coming in from far away and then also threw a special record club/closing reception event at the end of the show's run.

This ended up being our final show in the Culver City location because we were shut down by the landlord. You can read more about that, HERE.


Keith Dugas (inside) & the epic carnival (outside)

Photos & Videos of the Exhibit

View more photos of the exhibit on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/danielrolnik/sets/72157676038795326

This coming Saturday, JUNE 11th, is the EPIC CARNIVAL at Daniel Rolnik Gallery - featuring 30+ art vendors (including: Little Friends of Printmaking, Tuesday Bassen, Flower Pepper Gallery, Co-Lab Gallery, Giant Robot Magazine, and way way more!), 10 Bands, 10 stand-up comedians, and a brand spanking new art show, "KROSSD KOVERS" by Keith Dugas, featuring original paintings inspired by rock n' roll for under $100.


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Epic Carnival

amadeus Mag, No Greater Good Mag, The Gremlin Quarterly, Courthouse WLA, Kat Philbin & Big Tasty, Tuesday Bassen, JT Steiny & John Charles Bricker, Mary Delioussina, @AtticusLovesYou, Tim McCormick, Little Friends of Printmaking, TapCo, World Famous Original, Steff Bomb, Penny Sparkle Designs, Flower Pepper Gallery (Pasadena, CA), Giant Robot (West LA), Co-Lab Gallery (Highland Park), Chamaco the Griffon, East Los Musubi, Waterfall Sorbet, and more...

Special Thanks to The Little Friends of Printmaking for co-curating the vendors.

Victoria - 12:30pm - 1:00pm
Kalisher - 1:15pm - 1:55pm
Twentytwofourteen - 2:10pm - 2:50pm
Brissey - 3:05pm - 3:50pm
Cotton Ships - 4:05pm - 4:50pm
Celebrity Crush - 5:05pm - 5:50pm
hit me, Harold - 6:05pm - 6:50pm
Paper Days (San Diego) - 7:05pm - 7:50pm
Hollow Ran - 8:05pm - 8:50pm
Pedestrian - 9:05pm - 9:50pm 

Special Thanks to Ansar M Smith & Cotton Ships for organizing the lineup.

Kyle Dodson, Ryan Budds, Gabby Lamb, Bryan Rainstein, and more TBA. Performances will happen in-between bands.

Special Thanks to Kyle Dodson for organizing the lineup.