#18 - Kilduff's Bakery

A curator from the LA Art Show had visited the gallery and I asked them if we could take part in their upcoming evenet. We worked something out and I immediately went to John Kilduff to begin brainstorming something special we could do.

We thought of what everyone who attended the fair would want and wound up with 'coffee'. But paintings of coffee we discovered wouldn't be enough, so we developed the concept a little further and turned it into a 'bakery' and then "Kilduff's Bakery" was born. 

The idea was that John would be a chef cooking up batches of freshly 'baked' goods that people at the show could buy for affordable prices. You have to keep in mind other prices around our booth started at $2,000 and up - and if you went deeper into the fair you could find paintings for $250,000 - so ours were under $100 each. 

To complete the vision of the concept, John bought a chef's outfit and I ordered pink donut boxes to put the paintings inside of. I also built a bakery shelf that we could display the paintings on, so that it really looked and felt like a bakery when you visited.

I thought it would also help if I brought on some of the gallery's other artists, which caused a bit of controversy because not everyone got involved. But I had a clear vision of what I wanted and in the end it all worked out. I also really wanted Turtle Wayne to be there because his energy would keep us positive the whole weekend, so he flew down from SF to take part.

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The LA Art Show threatened "draconian" action on me because I posted this: Hacking the LA Art Show: https://medium.com/@danielrolnik/hacking-the-la-art-show-b94ebcbb0beb#.jrk3k4idv


John Kilduff, Turtle Wayne, Kat Philbin, Ferris Plock, Tripper Dungan, and Bwana Spoons.

Photos & Videos of the Exhibit


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