#9 - Pacific Stoner Time

I wanted to curate a show with Walt Gorecki, who was an inspiration to me because he had been the founder of various underground art spaces I had been going to since high school like: Pehrspace, L'Keg, and Homeroom. Plus, he always came up with unique concepts for all of his shows, so I knew it would be epic.

We had actually been brainstorming a version of what would become Pacific Stoner Time for over a year. It was a parody of Pacific Standard Time, which was a massive art event put on by The Getty foundation where almost every gallery in Los Angeles had an exhibit by a local artist.

Our original idea was to do the same thing as The Getty, but instead of hosting the shows in galleries we would have them in weed clinics. It became a really daunting task to try and do it - especially since I don't smoke pot and didn't want to get a medical marijuana license to be able to go inside the clinics.

So, we simplified the idea and decided to do a group show on 4/20 weekend. Walt got all of the artists together and even had an idea to paint a green gradient on one of the walls. He bought a paint sprayer and we were able to accomplish the goal in an afternoon, which looked great.

I started reaching out to pot lifestyle publications and Culture Mag liked the idea so much, they sent their videographer out to capture the entire weekend, which including an art opening, comedy show, and hangout session.

Here was the official statement:

Daniel Rolnik Gallery, run by the "world's most adorable art critic" has teamed up with Pengu Labs: an interactive art/media lab whose members operated Home Room & L'KEG Gallery (Best of LA 2009). They've assembled their favorite psychedelic and irreverent artists for a 3 day pop-up event that picks up where the Getty's Pacific Standard Time initiative leaves off. Pacific Stoner Time pays tribute to the source of inspiration for many of the world's greatest art pieces: marijuana. After Saturday's opening reception, a collection of the artists will be back in the space for a Sunday afternoon hangout session, swapping stories and slices of pizza. The weekend closes out with a Monday night 420 takeover, curated by Sleepaway Camp, who were lauded by LA Weekly as providing the "wildest Tuesday night you've ever had."


Jessicka Addams, Barefoot Lazer Tie-Dye, Om Bleicher, Dave Bondi, Kristina Collantes, Leah C Dixon, Keith Dugas, Steven Fiche, Joseph Florence, Champoy Hate, Jason Hill, Hellen Jo , Keenan Marshall Keller, Nora Keyes, Nicole Killian, Tom Neely, Beth Pecora, Pengu Labs, John Pham, Adam Roth, Shaq Jizz, Malcolm Stuart, Jen Tong, and Tripple U.

This show was curated by Walt Gorecki [Pengu Labs]

Photos & Videos of the Exhibit

CULTURE spent the 420 holiday weekend celebrating in Santa Monica, Ca at the Pacific Stoner Time event hosted by the Daniel Rolnik Galley(http://www.danielrolnikgallery.com/). Filmed & edited by Brahim Gousse Music Production by Josh Steele