#8 - With A Little Help From My Friends

I became obsessed with the idea of having all of our upcoming art exhibits be focused on specific regions of the country. So, I hit up Trace Mendoza and Megan LeMaster to put together an Orange County show of contemporary painters, which became "With A Little Help From My Friends". I still wanted there to be a focus on Trace and Megan's art, but with a supplement of 1 or 2 works by the others. It turned into a really spectacular exhibit.

I remember a girl came in one day and was translating for her father who wanted to use the artists' work for his Chinese condom company. It was pretty funny. The condoms came in a paper coffee cup sand then they were sealed in plastic containers (like nespresso thingys) with artwork on top.

This show was around the same time as the LA Zine Fest - so Trace made special zines and buttons that we had at our table.


Trace Mendoza, Megan LeMaster, Josh Grelock (JOSHr), Amanda Raynes, Gabby Untermayerova, Mikey Tammaro, Erik Flores, Hannah Webb, Ben Magoo, Ry Beloin, Nancy Chiu, Jessie Fohrman, Tristen Adamson, Jason Umfress, Jason Nam, and Sara M. Lyons.

Trace Mendoza and Megan LeMaster curated the exhibit.

See all the art on Pinterest: https://in.pinterest.com/danielrolnik/with-a-little-help-from-my-friends-february-2015-d/

Photos & Video of the Exhibit

Gabby Untermayerova has original artwork at Daniel Rolnik Gallery in Santa Monica, CA for the exhibit "With a Little Help From My Friends" Here is a video of her amazing paintings of Disney Zombie Princesses and more! BUY SOME ORIGINALS: http://www.danielrolnikgallery.com/buy-some-art/ made by Videolicious
Enrique Escobedo has a bunch of epic pastel paintings at Daniel Rolnik Gallery in Santa Monica, CA for the exhibit "With a Little Help From My Friends". This is a short video of Daniel showing Enrique Escobedo's art. Check them out here: http://www.danielrolnikgallery.com/buy-some-art/
Trace Mendoza has "The Tale Teller" seen in the video above at Daniel Rolnik Gallery. If you would like to purchase the painting, please email danielrolnik@gmail.com Daniel Rolnik Gallery is located at 1431 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401 We are open everyday from 12pm - 7pm. made by Videolicious


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