Autograph Books

I designed these autograph books and then Pretty in Plastic produced the covers for me. I asked for each one to have a unique design and they totally surprised me with these creations, including some that glowed in the dark!!! I believe Andy Hadle (owner of Carlos Queso Gallery) created a majority of the colorful plastic blends.

When Pretty in Plastic finished making the covers, I started chopping up random odds and ends from the prints we created as Intellectual Property Prints - like all the leftover sheets that were too small for a print, but perfect for my little book idea. I bought a pink bind-it-all machine and a bunch of red binding and got to work cutting the paper, punching the holes, and putting the binding on. 

My idea was that it would mimic the classic Disneyland autograph book, except you could use them at art shows to get your favorite artists to do sketches for you. I have mine up on a shelf with tons of doodles by epic artists I walked up to during DesignerCon 2013 when we released the books to the public.

The paper inside is pretty much the best paper you can buy, the plastic looked cool, and it fit in your back pocket. I thought it was a real winner!

Daniel Rolnik Foundation