Puppyfish - necklace

I wanted to create a puppyfish necklace that would be bold and outrageous. I found someone on ETSY who made custom laser-cut plastic jewelry and commissioned them to create this for me, using what I called the LAKERS colors of purple and gold.

I think I tried to sell it on my website, but no one wanted it, so I gave it to my brother and now it's hanging up in his childhood bedroom.

To help advertise the fact I had the necklace as well as a few other items for sale, I made a simple video of my family's poodle, Sheeba, wearing it and walking around. It was pretty funny to see a dog wearing bling.

Unfortunately, Sheeba only lived a year or two longer and eventually drowned in the pool. I was living in the Bay Area at the time, but I got a call from my mom about what happened. Sheeba was blind due to old age and someone accidentally let her outside while a big party was happening. One of the guests heard noises outside and quickly rushed outside to grab the dog out of the pool and try to resuscitate it, but it was too late and she had passed onto doggy heaven. 

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