#25 - Alden Marin's "Leaf Faces"

Once I closed the Pasadena location, I was bit confused. And so rather than present our final show as from the Daniel Rolnik Gallery, I decided to change the name to the Daniel Rolnik Foundation with the idea that "Earth is our gallery".

The concept was to host an art show by Alden Marin out in nature. He was working on making these faces out of fallen sticks while he went out on his morning hike and I thought it would be epic to actually invite people out to see them. 

My wife and I had accidentally discovered a cave in Topanga, so I thought it was a perfect location because it would protect the twigs from the wind and allow them to exist for a longer period of time.

I sent out the invites to people and documented the afternoon in a video you can watch below. Nothing was for sale and that was part of the idea - to just show up and see art. It was really epic and when it was done we all went to a late lunch at the Rose Cafe in Venice.


Alden Marin

Photos & Videos of the Exhibit

Daniel Rolnik Foundation presents video documentation of the action performed on September 18th, 2016 --- now known as "Leaf Faces" [Project 0001]. Brief: Alden Marin made faces out of fallen twigs, leaves and stones inside of a cave. DESCRIPTION: ON SEPTEMBER 18TH, 2016 THE DANIEL ROLNIK FOUNDATION PRESENTED PROJECT 0001 /// CODE NAME: "LEAF FACES" /// WITH THE ARTIST ALDEN MARIN.


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