#1 - Smile Isle

Flyer for "Smile Isle" at Daniel Rolnik Gallery (Sept. 2014)

Flyer for "Smile Isle" at Daniel Rolnik Gallery (Sept. 2014)

The grand opening of the Daniel Rolnik Gallery was in September of 2014.

I decided to name it "Smile Isle" because of where the gallery was located. We were like a tiny island of joy by the sea in Santa Monica, CA. My friend and co-owner of Intellectual Property Prints, Ryan McIntosh, helped me get the gallery ready. He even hung the show.

Our first exhibit, Smile Isle, is a dream come true and I want to make it even more fun by sipping sparkling lemonade with you. We may see some whales while we watch the sunset – from the windows of the gallery, you can surely bet – that you can walk away with any artwork knowing you got the best deal in town. I’m here for you, friends and family, to make your smiles go ’round!
— Daniel Rolnik


Bradford J. Salamon, Kevin Russ, Graham Curran, Isabelle Alford-Lago, Ryan McIntosh, Chris Rexroad, Clark Walter, Alisa Yang, Kyle Hobratschk, Gregory Siff, Andrew Miripolsky, Terri Berman, Douglas Alvarez, Megan LeMaster, Trace Mendoza, The Little Friends of Printmaking, Nicole Bruckman, Bwana Spoons, Michael C. Hsiung, Jon Stich, Amze Emmons, Camilla Taylor, Rick Morris, Amery Sandford, Porous Walker, Tripper Dungan, Mary Delioussina, Keith Dugas, Bruce Lee Webb, Mike Reynolds, T.S. Claire, Haunted Euth, Erwin Recinos, Claudia Kleefeld, Jesse Tise, Sam Moody, Airom Bleicher, and Darcy Yates.

You can see all the art from this show on Pinterest: https://in.pinterest.com/danielrolnik/smile-isle/

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