#5 - Little Friends of Printmaking (solo show)

Flyer designed by Jamie Polancic for LFOP pop-up (Dec. 2014)

Flyer designed by Jamie Polancic for LFOP pop-up (Dec. 2014)

After, Alden Marin's hangout style show I wanted to try a pop-up shop within our gallery. So, I invited The Little Friends of Printmaking to create something. They designed a fun window installation and some fans came out to buy works on the opening night. I remember my landlord getting mad at me because of their shit that said "Eat Shit, Fuck You" on it, which I had it visible right when you would walked through the front door.

Heregy, heregy, friends of ages all. May you be short or may you be tall. You are welcome one and you are welcome all - to a showing of prints for doods and chicks - princesses, princes, poodles and pigs. An emporium of wonder, color, and fun - a final show before the new year’s begun.
— Daniel Rolnik


The Little Friends of Printmaking

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