Artist Pizza Social #3 - NorCal

WHERE: The Compound Gallery (Oakland, CA)
WHEN: July 8th 2012

The Compound Gallery & Ex'pression College helped put together the Bay Area Artist Pizza Social with me. The most epic part was that the gallery had a letterpress printing machine and put together these incredible posters that people could take home at the event. We also got Rotten City Pizza on board to sponsor it and give away shirts. It was incredible!

Artists like Brett Amory and a dude from Monster Garage were there as well as gallerists like Ken Harman (founder of Spoke Art) and bloggers, like one of my heroes Jeremy Brautman (who created Jeremyriad - which was probably the first blog about designer toys in existence) were all hanging out together.

I had this vision at the time, that I could tour the artist pizza socials, but this was as far away from Los Angeles as I got.

Photos from the Event