Artist Pizza Social #2

WHERE: ForYourArt
WHEN: June 2012

The second ever Artist Pizza Social took place at ForYourArt's temporary headquarters on Wilshire Blvd - across from the LACMA. They had created a community art space with exhibitions and events and asked me to pitch them an idea - so I said let's have an artist pizza social! They liked it and bought a ton of pizza for everyone. 

When we held the event, their space was between shows so it was empty inside. One of the members from the organization, Alex Miller, put together a loop video of Mary Kate & Ashley's pizza party that he projected onto the wall. And then the artist Jaime Becker had an epic idea to have everyone paint and draw on the paper plates and and push pin them to the wall as a one-day-happening gallery. I think one of the artists there also tagged their trash can outside and it was glorious!

Here's more about it on ForYourArt's official website: READ MORE