Arist Pizza Social - #4

WHERE: Gabba Gallery
WHEN: October 18th, 2014

The artist, Will Deutsch, put together an incredible pop-up show named "Notes From The Tribe" at Gabba Gallery in Los Angeles. Each day of the show, he decided to have a different event. I think one night he had a fake bar mitzvah for himself and another night he had comedy and then on one of the final nights he invited me to host a pizza social / artist shabbat dinner. 

Will was an integral part of the artist shabbat dinners I was throwing and since his show was about contemporary Judaism it was fitting to throw something to go along with it. He also had the ultimate hookup at California Pizza Kitchen and we had something like 100 pizzas to give to everyone.

We tried to do a live stream of the event via Google Hangout, but it would glitch out while we walked around. Instead, we just had a ton of fun and got to celebrate his show and the joy of Shabbos. 

Here was the official FACEBOOK INVITE.

Photos & Video of the Event

Filmed and Edited by Rachel Tejada

Daniel Rolnik Foundation