The Great North American Art Adventure - Las Vegas

WHERE: Amanda Harris Gallery (Las Vegas, NV)
WHEN: January 2nd, 2014

Amanda Harris invited me to do a lecture at her art gallery in Las Vegas about the road trips I had gone on to explore art across the country. Lots of cool people in the local art scene came out and even gave me tips of where to go while I was in town. I also got to meet professors and students in the MFA program at UNLV and I went to check out their studios (some of which were in a former Carl's JR building).

I wrote an article about the Las Vegas Art Adventure that followed this lecture for ArtSlant, which you can read HERE.

I'm not sure if the gallery is still open or not, but it was a really cool space. They were located in the bottom of a fancy apartment building in downtown Vegas (off the strip). And she was hosting some really cutting edge shows by people like Xvala and Sandra Chevrier. 

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