"Print Pop Collection" at The Venice Art Walk


TITLE: "Print Pop Collection"
WHERE: The Venice Art Walk
WHEN: May 19th, 2013

The head curators of the Venice Art Walk had started bringing in young artists to help reinvigorate the event, which was really epic! The year previous to this I had brought in a few artists to be part of the auction and when it came time to do it again, I decided to pitch them the idea of using it as a vehicle to launch my print company.

They liked the concept. We would launch the print company outside of the main auction house and be the first vendors allowed to do so. We sold a ton of prints and gave half of the money to the Venice Family Clinic to help support it as well as gave the main curators a copy of every edition as a giant thank you.

I remember it was really fun and we met some really cool characters, including a magician who did a private performance for us in the booth.

Photos of the Exhibit