DesignerCon 2013

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WHERE: DesignerCon
WHEN: November 2013

This was the first year I took part in the DesignerCon event and it was with my publishing company, Intellectual Property Prints. Our display idea was simple, we would frame up each edition and when people wanted one we would grab out an unframed copy from the back and put it in a protective sleeve for the collector.

I had the idea that we would also wear lab coats and pretend to be scientists of printmaking, which really entertained the crowd and kept things fun. As a bonus, I also had a series of autograph books made that guests could purchase and then have all their favorite artists draw in. 

As luck would have it - the booth next to us didn't show up, so we have a lot of extra space to work with, which allowed for us to expand out display and make it really clean.

We also launched Augustine Kofie's print as an exclusive for the con. A bunch of people came to the event just to buy it and then once the fair was over we made it available online and it immediately sold out. I remember we thought something was wrong with our website at first, because we weren't even done loading the car with our gear by the time it happened. But, no, it was legit and the print sold out and is only available through the secondary market now for about 10 times its original price of $75.

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