Stories From The Demented Mind of Daniel Rolnik

Cover of "Stories From The Demented Mind of Daniel Rolnik" (Feb. 2013)

Cover of "Stories From The Demented Mind of Daniel Rolnik" (Feb. 2013)

I wanted to really go into the darkest and most twisted recesses of my imagination, so I put together this collection of short stories into a book for the 2nd ever LA Zine Fest. I printed out about 20 copies or so (maybe less) and put them together like a Hollywood script - you know, with the metal fasteners along the edge. The front and back cover were printed on a thick glossy card stock paper and the interior pages were regular. I then uploaded it to amazon as a digital download.

Enter the demented mind of Daniel Rolnik. His collection of four short stories includes characters such as sinister witches, talking vans, alien healers, little kids, and more. Each tale is action-packed and short enough to read on a single sitting. So turn on the light, take off your pants, do your poops, read a story, wipe your butt, and then wash your hands before reading the next demented tale.

I painted the book's cover using an iPad app named Paper, which I thought looked really cool.

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Daniel Rolnik Foundation