Is it Art or is it Poo?

This was the first zine that I had ever made. I wanted it to extra cool, so I had it printed at a local shop on Fairfax Blvd named Gotham Printing. They folded and stapled it together perfectly! It was a small little book with a red card stock cover and black spine. The bear on the front of the book is an homage to a drawing I made in middle school that got me into a lot of trouble. I had drawn a bear taking a shit on a schoolhouse at the top of a test. The next thing I knew, I was sitting in the principle's office with my mom being questioned about why I drew it, to which I replied "because bear's take shits". It really irked the administration to see this drawing and they took it as a sign of rebellion, they even made me go to counseling and have strange tests done on me because of it - essentially, even, kicking me out of school and causing me to transfer to an even worse (though I didn't know it upon initial transfer) system. 

A philosophical comic book about two friends arguing over a sculpture in a museum. They are conflicted as to whether or not the work is a piece of art or merely a piece of poo. 

Daniel Rolnik Foundation