Right Hand Band - Flyers

I designed almost every flyer for Right Hand Band and many of them are completely lost to time and lack of documentation. This page contains photos of the flyers I could find. For a while, I would have our gigs printed on the back of the flyer and a blank front, so I could go up to people at concerts and draw whatever I wanted for them. I found this to be more rewarding and fun. It was a total social exercise for me because I was very shy at the time. The reason you see multiples of the same design on a page is that I would print two flyers to a single sheet of standard paper. Then I would use this paper cutter to cut them in half. The front would usually have our myspace on it and the back would have a list of upcoming gigs, since we played a lot and I mean A LOT of gigs for a couple of teenagers. I would print all of the flyers of different colors of paper, so they would pop more. The funny part is I probably handed out at least 2,000 flyers and not a single person who got one showed up to one of our concerts hahaha!

Flyers Designed by Daniel Rolnik

I had this dream to create a cool custom shape flyer/poster that I could put up in the street - before I even really knew what street art was. Well, I never ended up putting any up illegally, but I did put a few up at venues like The Smell and Pehrspace to help advertise our shows. I called them the rabbits or bunnies or something like that. I would draw with markers on paper and then use rubber cement or glue sticks to apply them to cardboard I had cut up into my desired shape (I may have even just used duck tape)

Flyers Designed by Others

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