Cal State University Stanislaus

Sculpture by Daniel Edwards

Sculpture by Daniel Edwards

The sculptor, Daniel Edwards, invited me and my former business partner from Intellectual Property Prints to do a lecture at Cal State University, Stanislaus; where he was head of the sculpture department. Our main goal was to highlight to the students that they could start making prints and create a profitable enterprise for themselves while still in school. In addition, to telling them about how we created the prints in our portfolio.

It was an epic experience!

As part of the lecture, Ryan (my former business partner) and I created a "split fountain" or "rainbow roll" screen print of a design that I drew. With the assistance of the school's lab tech, we were able to process the screen and within the timeframe of an hour, create a limited edition that we gave to the students. 

Later that year, Ryan would also have a solo exhibition of his work on the campus.

I try to attend America's largest printmaking convention, SGCi, every year and I always bump into one of the students from that lecture. It's so epic to see that a bunch of them went to grad school and continue their passion for creating art into the professional sphere.

See this lecture listed on the Cal State University, Stanislaus website (my last name is spelled wrong as "Rolnick"):

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