OTIS College of Art & Design

Photo of Daniel Rolnik in the forest.

Photo of Daniel Rolnik in the forest.

WHERE: OTIS College of Art & Design
WHEN: September 2014

The artist and professor, JT Steiny, asked me to speak to his symposium at OTIS College of Art & Design. I put together a best-of file of photos I had taken while road tripping across America to see art outside of major metropolitan cities and discussed it with the students. One of my main focuses was to show them what other students were doing across the country and how it could be inspiring to them.

I remember the talk was a lot of fun and that JT Steiny and I kept having a discussion during it involving cult leaders and other strange things we often find ourselves talking about. I also encouraged the students to come by the gallery and show me their work, which at least several of them did and I ended up exhibiting it.

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