"Tales From A Dragon's Arse"

A Russian mystic warns a fair maiden about her upcoming stroll through the woods. Disregarding the mystic’s advice, the fair maiden goes on a stroll anyways. After getting lost, she encounters an ancient dragon that breathes fire and scorches the Earth with its rage. Unfortunately, for the maiden, the dragon is hungry and eats her. Now, trapped inside the dragon’s stomach, the maiden must findher way through and out the other side. This is not a tale for the squeamish or the faint of heart. Maidens, Mystics, Dragons, and a whole lot of ass. Once through the dragons buttocks, she finds her way home and alerts the police. In a short confrontation with an officer, who doesn’t believe a word of her story, she says “Beware the mystics call, for a dragon’s ass ye may fall, through and through it’s stomach goes, little me and my weary woes.”

Daniel Rolnik Foundation