"Ultimate Beach" at bG Gallery


TITLE: "Ultimate Beach"
WHERE: bG Gallery
WHEN: July 26th - August 9th, 2014

"Ultimate Beach" was a very interesting exhibit to put together. Since it was happening at the same time as "Artists Across America" - I decided to keep the theme together. This was also a show featuring works by artists I met all across the country during my road trip - however, everyone in this show had the prompt of me asking them to create beach-specific works. 

A centerpiece of the show was a large bronze sculpture of a wave - but the real epicness of the show was what happened at the end of it.

Towards the last day of the show, Om let me know he was going to move his gallery to Bergamot Station and asked if I knew anyone who wanted to take over the rest of his lease. I thought about it for a night and then decided to start my own gallery, so he helped me negotiate a deal with the landlord and the rest is history in the form of Daniel Rolnik Gallery.

Link on gallery's official page: http://www.santamonica.bgartdealings.com/tag/ultimate-beach/


Airom Bleicher, Alison Tharp,  Nick Veasey, America Martin, Amze Eemons, Andre Miripolsky, Daniel Rolnik, Dave Pressler, Gay Summer Rick, Gregory Siff, Hieronymus, Jennifer Korsen, Kyle Hobratschk, Malcolm Stuart, Carmen Stiffleman, Michelle Devereux, Mike Egan, Patrick Hammerlain, Ryan McIntosh, Tim Kerr, Warren Long,  David Schonhoff.

Photos from the Exhibit