DesignerCon 2014

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WHERE: DesignerCon
WHEN: November 2014

This was the first year that DesignerCon expanded into two different exhibition halls of the Pasadena Convention Center and we were in the new one with Intellectual Property Prints. I also wanted to share the booth with a toy maker this time, so J. David Carlson had a small selection of his Circus Tank figures available.

We had the total opposite booth style of our display in the previous year. This year it was shaped like a "U" and I would stand on the outside edge inviting people to come in. We also had a wall on one side with unframed prints hanging from it, so there was a lot more to see in our booth.

I view this event as sort of the beginning of the end of Intellectual Property Prints, since both Ryan and I had things from our personal businesses (his art and my gallery) that were not a part of IPP. It felt like 3 different things all happening at once. Although, we did release Darcy Yates' edition at the event, which was cool because she came by to sign copies.

The best part of that year was sharing our booth next to the toy maker, Dave Bondi as well as taking a photo with a really weird looking cat mannequin with the publisher of Zero+ Books.

PS: If you have photos of our booth, please let me know.



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