"Bring Art / Take Art" - The Standard

TITLE: "Bring Art / Take Art"
WHERE: The Standard Hotel, Hollywood
WHEN: April 10th, 2015

One day, many years ago, while crossing a street in Los Angeles I met two people who worked at The Standard hotel. At the time, they were putting on a whole experience with the artist Ryan McGinness and we stayed in contact. We had wanted to do an event together and after what felt like a solid year of brainstorming we finally had something simple: "Bring Art / Take Art".

The idea was that we would invite all of these artists and everyone would bring a work of art with them and take home a different work of art. It actually went really well and people still ask me when the next one will happen. We were supposed to do a second one at the hotel, but I kept getting confused and timing was always off.

I remember the first person who showed up brought this elaborate sculpture of a framed gun and put it on the table, but then they realized we were actually trading the art with each other and they took it back home with them. However, there were really nice framed pieces and large wooden sculptures that all got traded with everyone's work. I remember it being cold outside and there wasn't enough light, but everyone had fun and it was epic!

My favorite chili burger was down the street, so at the end of the night I met a couple friends there and we ate dinner.

Photos of the Event

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