Dr. Paul Koudounaris talk at Nucleus Portland

Dr. Paul Koudounaris talk at Nucleus Portland

Ship Cats: Adventure, Courage, Betrayal! Portland Lecture

Wednesday, MAY 31st, 2017

Dr. Paul was coming up to Portland from Los Angeles to photograph a cat's grave marker and asked if I knew of a space that he could do a talk at. I connected him with my friends over at Nucleus Portland and they put it on their calendar. His talks are unlike any others I've been to, as he entertains you the whole time. There's not a single dull moment as he loads up each slide to share a tale about a heroic cat aboard an army ship that saved her crew members or perished from their betrayals. If he's performing in your area, YOU MUST GO!

After his lecture, a group of us went to eat dinner and share stories of Oregon's oddities, like the Rajaneesh BioTerror Attack in the early 80s and the antics of the cacophony society. Paul also told us about a place he had discovered just outside of Portland named Mount Angel Abbey that housed a collection of medical anomalies, like two-headed cows and the largest hairball ever found in the belly of a pig.

You can follow Dr. Paul Koudounaris at @HexenKult and Nucleus Portland at @nucleusportland 

PS: At the end of his talk, he had a quiz and my wife won a small knitted snail that he had been keeping in his pocket.