Paperstock - Pacific Northwest Poster Art 2017

Paperstock 2017

Pacific Northwest Poster Art Exhibit

Seattle, WA - SUNDAY, May 28th

Paperstock was a three day event that coincided with the NW Folk Life Festival in Seattle. There's no website for it, so I guess it was an informal gathering of printmakers to showcase and sell their designs to the public. Which, was epic because all of the other art on display at the festival sucked major balls. Therefore, Paperstock was a welcomed respite for anyone that wanted to cleanse their eyes of the insane and utter garbage lurking outside its exhibition space. I hope it continues in the future with better promotion as it should've been the highlighted exhibit of the event. 

If you're looking to get involved with the event in the future, I suggest contacting @FoglandStudios via Instagram, since he's the only artist that posted relevant information about it. 

Artists in Paperstock 2017 included: Barry Blankenship, David Gallo, Kelsey Gallo, Independence Printage, Factory 43, and Powerslide Design.