Outside The Lines, Too

Cover of "Outside The Lines, Too" (L) and Daniel Rolnik's illustration "Huggosaurus" (R)

Cover of "Outside The Lines, Too" (L) and Daniel Rolnik's illustration "Huggosaurus" (R)

Outside The Lines, Too (2015)

I created a fun illustration for the coloring book Outside The Lines, Too. The book was curated and put together by Souris Hong - who runs the popular Twitter/blog Hustler of Culture. The book was published, Sept. 2015 by Penguin. Souris put together a really fun signing event at the MOCA in Los Angeles. Almost all of the artists were there, including me. I was seated at one of the first tables that visitors could go to and I thought rather than sign or do a drawing in everyone's book, I would give out candy and spray them with silly string. The most fun was having kids spray their parents or parents spray their kids. However, I did feel bad about telling a dude that silly string doesn't stain just before watching his friend hit him right in the chest with some definitely forever-marking strings. Sorry, bro!

Outside the Lines, Too: An Inspired and Inventive Coloring Book by Creative Masterminds

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