Rise Art (formerly ArtFetch)

I used to write for this epic company based out of the UK named ArtFetch. But after several years, they merged with another company named Rise Art and become known as that. I never got to meet them in person, but they did send me a super cool etch-a-sketch in the mail once.

The team introduced themselves to me via LinkedIn, and allowed me to write about whatever fun things I wanted to. I created some funny articles for them, including ones about my fumblings of bringing dates to museums and even research into the ethics of the art world. 


"How to Buy Art As A Couple" - October 2016

"Top Ten Unknown Artists" - June 2013

"Museum Dating" / "Flaming Good Art" / "Is The Art World Ethical" / and more appeared on ArtFetch, but those links no longer exist.

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